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Wellcome in KELTA! Kelta focuses on leasing computing power, that you use to mine different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or ZCash. This way you can make a very interresting profit that can become your passive income. Annual Return on investment (ROI) in KELTA is around 50%.

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Let’s see how KELTA works. KELTA is part of Blockchain encryption technology, founded in 1992. And now worldwide interest in blockchain is growing rapidly. Blockchain technology you can find today in the Healthcare industry, Entertainment, Real Estate, and many many more.

In Blockchain every new information creates a new block that is locked in a chain and thus creates immutability. Every subject that is part of a certain Blockchain pays a commission. This money is then re-distributed.

KELTA as part of Blockchain gets it’s rewards on a weekly basis. All Kelta’s clients receive their profit every Monday and funds can be withdrawn from an ATM, transferred into another account or re-invested.

And what is the main benefit?

The main benefit is our price-performance ratio. We have very affordable rates. Our data center is based in the Slovak Republic, a member country of the European Union, and by it’s quality, ranks amongst the very few top data centers in the world.

Therefore your investment is not only secured but also your profit is the highest possible.

And that’s not all

You don’t need any hardware or a place to store it, maintain it and juice it with energy, because this all is in the data center taken care of by Kelta’s team.

All you need is a mobile device and Internet.

KELTA works through an application, which you can easily download to any kind of device. Then you will set up an account and start using your purchased computing power.

If you will need some help, you can use detailed step-by-step Kelta’s manual in our Kelta Academy or also our support team will be happy to help you.

Through KELTA application you can conveniently control and adjust your investment from anywhere in the world.

Through your KELTA account you purchase tokens, which you exchange for computing power. The more tokens you purchase the higher computing power you can use, thus the bigger profit you will get.

You can easily check your daily rewards, switch between different currencies and see your profit results every Monday.

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Join thousands of KELTA members who already profit from an amazing passive income. Register to KELTA and start Building Your Own Passive Income today: