You want the Truth? Bakkt isn’t fantastic for Bitcoin & nowadays Chico Crypto exposes the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures assault against Bitcoin and therefore the crypto markets. Bakkt futures are hitting report volumes this 7 days, and most men and women imagine this is a good detail (tisk…tisk). Now, we figure out what Bakkt definitely is, who is behind it, and if you can at any time get your Bitcoin sent. Bakkt evidence of reserves now!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Slater MAYNE!
00:50 Bakkt: Is It Fantastic For Bitcoin? Bakkt Volume Starts off Inceasing
02:00 CME Bitcoin Futures Have Currently Been Exposed By Me…
02:22 Bakkt Was Meant To Be Our Savior!
02:37 My 1st Bakkt Suspicion: December 2018
03:20 You Great Bakkt?
03:40 Bakkt Cleared to Launch: Which includes the Bakkt Warehouse
04:19 Other YouTuber’s Advertising and marketing Bakkt and Futures
04:58 Wall Street’s Assault on Bitcoin Uncovered
05:31 Bakkt Acquires Electronic Asset Custody Enterprise
05:54 Doug Schwenck, Matthew Johnson and Lab CO. NYC Link To Bakkt
07:10 Bakkt Suspicious Acquisition of DACC
07:32 Bakkt Warehouse Custody Is Terrifying!
08:14 How Do You Get Bitcoin Out of Bakkt? Bakkt Bitcoin Shipping and delivery
09:24 Shipping Ends at the Bakkt Warehouse
09:55 Bakkt Is a Position Exactly where Bitcoin Are Held For good As Hostage
10:48 Outro

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