Crypto currency Ionomy surged 94% about the very last 24 several hours.

Ionomy is investing at .00000776 Bitcoins or about 2.21 WAX tokens.

ION is a blockchain-dependent decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards network participation by way of static evidence of stake. ION benefits connectivity age rather of “coin age,” as a result removing abuse from exchanges and consumers that do not actively add to the community.

By acquiring a static reward program, the benefits for participation are proportional to the work each and every lively node contributes. This discourages centralization and encourages community health. In addition to static benefits, ION implements a masternode network to incentivize massive holders, and accomplish highly developed features these as in the vicinity of-instantaneous and personal transactions.

Ionomy focuses on cellular gaming programs. ION offers a platform that facilitates the advancement and monetization of new cell video games and benefits avid gamers economically.

It can be traded on Upbit and BitTrex cryptocurrency exchanges.

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