Development of the CryptoUnit facilitates the implementation of the NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) system, aimed at allowing persons of planet Earth to become co-homeowners and shareholders of the most rewarding enterprises on the earth.

This will give the society an possibility to get on an Totally new enhancement path, as in the NEEW Software all folks of planet Earth turn out to be co-entrepreneurs of all most rewarding world enterprises and companies, thereby making a solitary World wide corporation in the Earth. Folks of Earth will Actively Participate in earning all decisions associated to profitability and revenue distribution, social advancement aimed at forming a higher amount of Consciousness. This will deliver Peace, Prosperity, Richness, Longevity and Wellness to Earth Earth, to support cleanse the Earth from Physical Squander by recycling into valuable Power and from Energetic Waste in the consciousness of the persons utilizing new and progressive education.

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